What to do if you find a leak in your roof

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A leaking roof is something that needs to be fixed quickly. The problem will not get better on its own and is likely to become worse over time. This can lead to damp problems and damage to the inside of the house. Here is a quick guide to what to do if your roof is leaking.

Know the signs

Firstly, make sure you know the signs of a leak so you will know when it is happening. Not all leaks begin with water pouring through the ceiling. You should look out for new stains and spots on the ceiling which could be caused by water damage. You should also look out for bulges in the ceiling which are a sign of a build-up of water. You may also notice problems on the outside of your house, such as missing or broken tiles.

Minimise the damage

Once you know you have a leak, it is best to get a professional to fix it. However, there are a few things you can do to minimise the damage in the meantime. The first thing is to put something under the leak to capture the water. A bucket or bin is the best thing to use if there is room for it, although you may have to use a smaller container if the leak is in an awkward corner. You can place a towel n the bottom of the container to soften the noise of the dripping. Don't forget to empty the container before it can overflow.

Direct the flow of water

Now that the water can do no further damage, you should puncture a small hole into the bulge in the ceiling with a screwdriver or another small implement. This may seem like causing damage, but in fact, it will help to direct the water to your bucket rather than allow it to build up and weaken the ceiling, which could cause it to collapse.

Move furniture

Next, move any furniture out of the way of the leak. Roll up any carpets if you can; otherwise, you should cover them with plastic sheeting. Water can be very damaging to your furnishings so you need to move anything you can to keep this damage to a minimum.

Contact a professional

Finally, if you haven't done so already, you should contact a professional roofing repair company. Don't be tempted to try to fix your roof yourself — it can be very dangerous, and you could easily find yourself causing further damage. Leave it to the professionals, and you will soon find the roof fixed and the inside of your house once again safe from the rain.

For more information on roofing repairs, contact a professional near you.