Ways You Can Use Timber Wall Frames on Your Sustainable Homestead

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Operating a sustainable homestead means having more than just a house and barn. You may have multiple buildings for the different livestock or crops that you are growing and taking care of on the homestead. When it comes time to build these buildings, you may not think of timber wall frames as something that could assist you. Here are a few ways you can use timber wall frames for your sustainable homestead and durable building projects.

Timber Storage

Timber is used in several aspects on homesteads, including fire pits and landscaping. This timber generally is kept outside because it does need to dry out before it can be used. This means building timber storage. One way you can use timber wall frames is to build the three walls of the shed, giving you a durable framed timber storage shed and a durable roof base. Roofing, guttering, tarps and walls can be added to offer further protection to the timber while still leaving it as a one-side-open area. You can also use the timber storage plans to store compost bins for gardening and landscaping or to store feed for animals. 

Outdoor Seating Area

There may be areas near lakes or work areas where you would want outdoor covered seating. Many people tend to use timber posts to build this type of area, but using timber wall frames may be a more ideal choice. The wall frames are more durable and allow you to build a more sustainable option for storms. The outdoor seating area can then be covered and serve as an area to take shelter during gatherings when storms, heavy rains, the hot sun or the nighttime makes things difficult.

Tool Shed

One practical way to use timber wall frames on your sustainable homestead is to use them to build tool and equipment storage buildings. Building a tool shed from timber wall frames can give you the durability that you need during various weather conditions. The timber wall frames can be purchased and pre-assembled, with smaller frame options suitable for small storage sheds and larger options suitable for larger sheds that can hold farming equipment as well as smaller tools such as landscaping tools and lawn mowers.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use timber wall frames on your sustainable homestead. If you need specifically cut or designed timber wall frames, contact your timber dealer or wall frame contractor. The frames can be built to size and shipped to your home ready to install.