Replacing Your Metal Roof? Here Are Four Features to Look For

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Are you in the market for a new metal roof? Metal is one of the best roofing materials due to its excellent performance, fire resistance, lower maintenance requirements and durability. However, as you know by now, this doesn't mean that metal roofs are foolproof. Not all metals perform well, and not all have the same features. So what should you look for during your next purchase? Here are four elements that will guarantee a long-lasting and reliable metal roofing system:

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium and steel are two common metals used in residential roofing. Aluminium is corrosion- and rust-resistant, but it is not as sturdy and durable as steel. On the other hand, while steel is a reliable and robust material, it is often prone to corrosion. To prevent this, manufacturers apply a protective layer to steel to improve its corrosion resistance. Thus, the most popular form of steel is galvanised, steel which includes a layer of zinc. Unfortunately, while galvanised steel is great under normal atmospheric conditions, it can fail when used in coastal regions or farmhouses.

The high salt content in the coastal air can gradually corrode galvanised steel. Similarly, farmhouses that create manure have lots of ammonia gas in the air, and this can erode galvanised steel as well. Therefore, if you decide to use steel in such conditions, go for one with both aluminium and zinc coatings. The additional aluminium coating creates aluminium oxide, which effectively protects the roof against high salt and ammonia content in the air.

Fade Resistance

In addition to corrosion resistance, you need a metal roof that can last for years without fading. The finishes used on the roof determine the resistance of the material to fading. The best coatings for this purpose are resin-based coatings, usually known as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings. 

The resin-based finishes are resistant to weathering, chalking and fading. They can also withstand UV radiation without breaking down. Thus, as you shop around for your new metal roof, find one that's finished with PVDF coatings for longevity and excellent performance.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs usually reflect most of the solar radiation and prevent heat from getting absorbed into your home. This can generate huge energy savings. However, the colour and reflectivity of the roof's coating can improve or undermine its energy efficiency. If you use dark finishes, they can absorb UV rays and increase your home's cooling costs. To maximise efficiency, choose reflective coatings in light colours. 

Breathable Underlayment

Your roof's performance heavily depends on the type of underlayment you have. Breathable underlayments act as an additional form of ventilation for your roofing system. They prevent moisture buildup underneath the roof and subsequently avert mould problems and water damage in your attic and ceiling. If your previous roof had moisture issues, consider replacing the current underlayment with a breathable one.

Consider these features when getting a metal roof replacement. Also, hire a professional contractor for quality installation work!