What You Need To Know About Emissivity And Reflectivity When Investing In Metal Roofing

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Although previously associated with commercial buildings, metal roofing has steadily made its way to residential properties due to the numerous advantages that this material offers. Firstly, metal roofing comes in an assortment of options, so you are assured of finding something that will be suited to your budget. Secondly, with proper maintenance, metal roofing can serve you for decades and this makes it a worthwhile investment for your forever home. Not to mention that metal roofing is a sustainable solution when you opt for recycled supplies. However, to make the most of metal roofing installation, you need to choose between emissivity and reflectivity for enhanced efficiency. This piece seeks to enlighten you on what to note about emissivity and reflectivity when investing in metal roofing.

What does emissivity mean?

In simple terms, emissivity refers to the metal roofing's ability to release the warmth that it absorbs. Hence, this term is derived from the rate at which heat is emitted from the roof and subsequently away from the home. The degree of emissivity of a particular roof is rated by decimals. Therefore, the closer the decimal is to a whole figure, the more the metal roofing is capable of radiating the heat away from the residence into the atmosphere.

What does reflectivity mean?

As the name suggests, this form of energy efficiency relates to how much sun a metal roof is capable of reflecting at any given time. Unlike emissivity, the reflectivity of a roof is rated on an index ranging from one to a hundred. The higher the number, the more reflective the metal roofing is.

How do you choose between emissivity and reflectivity?

Your choice of emissivity and reflectivity will largely depend on your locations as well as the prevailing climatic conditions. Australia is typically hot for most of the year. With that in mind, reflectivity is a great solution to a majority of homeowners around the country. Nevertheless, if you live in an urban area, you will find that emissivity will be a better solution for your home than reflectivity.

Urban spaces, particularly now more than ever, are vulnerable to becoming heat islands since these areas are concrete jungles. Thus, you find you are heavily reliant on your air conditioning throughout the year due to the excessive heat absorption. Moreover, if other buildings surround your property, a breeze rarely cools down your house. Investing in a metal roof with high emissivity will go a long way in mitigating this heat retention.