Is a Metal Roof the Right Choice for Your Home?

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Not many homeowners think of getting a metal roof when they're replacing their existing roof or building a new home. While it may not be the most popular option, metal roofs offer some great advantages over asphalt shingles, tiles and other types of roofing materials. Note a few considerations to keep in mind so you can determine if a metal roof is the right choice for your home.

When you plan on long-term home ownership

If you know you might sell your home in a few year's time, putting on a new roof can increase the value of the home and likelihood that it will sell, but you may not want to invest in a metal roof that will last for several decades for a home you won't be living in that long. However, if you plan to stay in the home and want to ensure you get the best long-term value from a roof, a metal roof typically lasts many more years than a standard asphalt roof. You might consider investing in a metal roof now so that you won't need to worry about replacing the roof anytime soon and can enjoy long-term home ownership.

When removing the old roof might cause damage to the home

If your home has suffered water damage under the roof, the framing may be soft and warped. Pulling up the old roofing tiles and flashing paper under it may cause damage to those roof rafters and other materials. A metal roof can often be put right over the old roof without pulling up those shingles and tiles. To avoid risking damage from a roof tear-off, consider a lightweight metal roof layer.

When you live in an area prone to strong storms

Strong storms of any sort are notorious for causing damage to standard roofs; high winds blow off shingles, or a lightning strike may cause those shingles to literally burst into flames. Severe rain can mean water seeping into the smallest of holes between those asphalt shingles as well.

A metal roof can be the right investment for such areas; the large sections of a metal roof are much less likely to blow away even in very strong storms. Because a metal roof will be installed with only a few seams between sections, there is less risk of leaks due to tears and holes in the roofing materials. To avoid having to repair your roof after every storm, consider a metal roof for your home.