Ideas On How To Make Good Use Of Your Old Metal Roofing Sheets

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Metal roofing sheets are destined to last a very long time, more than most other roofing alternatives. However, they too have an end to their lifespan on your roof. If you are looking for new metal roofing sheets to replace your current roof, take some time to think of different ways you can reclaim your old metal roofing sheets. Below, see some practical ideas that you can turn into great DIY (do it yourself) projects at home.

Outdoor structures

Metal roofing sheets on a house are held to a great standard because they have to protect you and your furniture from the weather. However, this does not mean that the same old sheets, after they are no longer applicable on the house, cannot be used on other outdoor structures with lower housing standards. You can use your old metal roofing sheets to build outdoor structures such as sheds, garages, patios, car ports, dog kennels or chicken coops. You can use the sheets for roofing, walling or both.


In most cases, metal roofing sheets are removed from houses because they have leak holes or because they have corroded. Even in such conditions, your old metal roofing sheets can be used to fence with great success. When used for fencing, the leak holes or corrosion will not affect their fencing capabilities, especially if you already have an existing fence that you just want to reinforce or add privacy to.

Planter boxes

If you have a garden or are planning to start one, you can use your old metal roofing sheets to build planter boxes. All you need to do is build timber frames and then use your metal sheets to wall either the outside of the boxes or both the inside and the outside. For extra customisation, you can paint the planter boxes in any colour you like for maximum aesthetics.

Metal recycler

If you have absolutely no use for your old metal roofing sheets, you can still do better than dumping them. You can sell them to a recycler. Although you won't get much money in return, you will at least earn a few dollars. You will also be helping to turn your old metal sheets into something more useful because they will be shredded and smelted to create new metal.

And several decades from now, when your newly-installed DIY structures have depreciated, you can rebuild them afresh using the next round of metal roofing sheets that you have installed on your roof.