Why Opt for a Metal Roof for a Home or Commercial Building?

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When you're having a new home or commercial building built or need to replace the roof, you may want to consider a metal roof over any other material. While each type of material may have certain advantages, metal roofs are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for new and replacement roofs. Note a few reasons why that is and why a metal roof might be your best choice.

1. Metal is a Better Insulator

When thinking of your home's or commercial building's insulation, you may only think of the fiberglass you put in the attic. In truth, your roof is a very large part of the insulation of your home or any building. It keeps in heat or air conditioning and also doesn't allow in hot or cold air from outside.

Another reason a metal roof is a better insulator than any other type of roof as it provides a more secure seal for your home. The metal can be wrapped around corners of your roof so that it keeps them closed up, and is less likely  to have small holes and tears that let out air, as is common with flashing or roofing paper and roofing tiles. A light color of the metal can also reflect the sun's hot rays, which is good in tropical areas. A dark roof can keep heat in during winter months, which you might consider if your home or building is in an area with long winters.

2. Metal Recycles Easily

If you're concerned about the environment then you want to think about all materials you use for a remodeling project or a new construction. Metal is very easy to recycle, more so than standard roofing tiles. When you're ready to have a new roof put on in the future, you know the material will stay out of landfills and not create much pollution when it's recycled. You might also be able to use recycled pieces for your new roof, and this too keeps them out of landfills and cuts down on the energy needed to create new roofing materials.

Most homeowners know that one of the first things you do after a storm is count how many roofing tiles have blown off the roof. Metal roofs however hold up much better against the elements. If your home or building will be in an area marked by heavy storms, tornadoes, and other such rough weather, metal can mean fewer repair bills over the years. For more information, contact Suncity Roofing & Supplies P/L