What You Need to Know About Roofing Repairs and Gutter Replacements

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All roofing materials have a design/manufacture life period that lasts for years and years. To ensure that your roof serves you for that long period and more, you are required to undertake various maintenance activities. These activities mainly involve inspection for damage and re-applying roof protection measures that wear out over time.

Roofing and Gutter Damage

Your roof and gutters are subjected to harsh weather conditions that range from strong winds to harmful UV rays from the sun. Heavy rain, especially when accompanied by hail, can cause damage to your roof and gutters as well.

Strong winds also cause branches to break off from trees and drop on your roof. Such an impact can cause damage, especially on sheet metal roofing.

What Might You Notice After the Damage Mentioned Above?

You might start noticing leaks from your roof and gutters, discolouration on your sheet metal roofing, mould growth on your tile roofing, cracked, chipped or crumbled tiles, rust and holes on your sheet metal roofing and gutters, etc.

What Should You Do?

Contact the correct roofing repair contractor immediately. What does "the correct roofing contractor" mean? If you have sheet metal roofing, you require a roofing repair specialist who specialises in sheet metal roofing. On the other hand, if you have tile roofing, you need a roofing repair specialist who repairs tile roofing.

When it comes to gutters, you might either have hardened plastic gutters, which are currently preferred, or the traditional sheet metal gutters. Contact the correct gutter repair specialist as well.

What Does Roofing Repair Entail?

If your roof is dirty, expect it to be cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning helps make damage visible. The roofing repair specialist then proceeds to inspect your roof for the damage you contacted him or her for and other damage as well. Note that some damage may look minor, but after inspection, it might turn out to be major damage. Therefore, the specialist conducts a deep inspection to ensure there is no major damage.

When the inspection is complete, your specialist generates a report that highlights the faults found, what is needed to repair the damage and how much the whole process will cost. You are presented with the report and he or she guides you through it. Note that the roofing repair specialist might charge you for the cleaning and inspection work.

Once you have understood the report and agree with the specialist on the amount to be paid, repair work commences.

You should also note that, at times, some damage might be beyond repair. If such damage is found, you might need a replacement that might cost more.