Factors That Will Affect The Duration Of A Roof Replacement Project

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When your roof starts to deteriorate, you could be thinking that simply patching it up with repairs will restore its stability. In truth, if the roof has reached the end of its lifespan, repairs will simply act as a stopgap until the entire system degrades and puts your home at risk of water damage. The best course of action at this point is to hire a roofer to undertake replacement as soon as possible to preserve the structural integrity of your residence. While you may want a projected timeline, several considerations come into play. To help you have a rough idea, here are just three factors that will affect the duration of your roof replacement project.

Assessment of the roof

Your roofer cannot commence the replacement project until they have carried out a thorough assessment of the roofing system. This inspection is crucial not only to pinpoint trouble spots but also to have your insurance cover the cost! For instance, if your roof requires replacement due to severe weather, then you could be eligible for compensation from your insurance provider. Nevertheless, it is important to note that some providers may have stipulated a statute of limitations. Therefore, if you do need roof replacement because of a storm, then it is in your best interest to hire a roofer and alert your insurance company post-haste so that compensation can be claimed in good time.

The type and size of the roof

The second factor that will influence the duration of the replacement of your roof is the type of roofing system you have and its size. Flat roofing systems tend to be faster to replace since they do not have a complicated design. A gabled roof, conversely, will take several weeks since this style will utilise more materials as well as labour. Lastly, the more the square footage of your residence, the bigger the roof will be and, subsequently, the longer the replacement will take.

The current season

The third factor that will have a direct impact on the duration of the roof replacement project is the season of the year. Typically, a roof replacement will take longer during the rainy season or immediately after a storm since most roofing companies will be addressing multiple forms of damage from different households. While this can be frustrating, short of waiting for a roofer to attend to your problem, you will have to resort to temporary repairs. On the flip side, if you require roofing replacement during the summer months with no rain in sight, the project should take a short while, as most roofers will not be inundated with work. Moreover, there is minimal risk of numerous homes with extensive roof damage in your area.