Why You Should Have Your Roof Pressure Cleaned Before Selling Your Home

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Getting your home ready to sell can take some work. In order to get the best price, you'll want to tidy up and fix everything you can. If your roof is old and tired, it may be one of the top reasons why your house looks less attractive than it used to. You might consider replacing the roof to be a step too far for you financially, but having it pressure washed may be a great benefit to you. Here are a few reasons why pressure washing your roof before you sell is a worthy investment.

Make Your Roof Sparkle Again

Even if your roof is structurally fine, it may look dilapidated if it is dirty and unkempt. For example, you roof may be dotted with areas of moss, dirt, and bird droppings. It doesn't matter if the roof itself or its tiles are all in great condition if it appears grungy.

The look of the roof may make prospective buyers think twice about buying your home. They may assume that the roof is in a worse state than it actually is.

That's why a pressure clean is a good idea; it can restore your roof to its original glory. Remember that this is one of the first parts of your home that buyers notice, so making a good impression is important when people are looking around your home with a goal of buying it.

Check For Unseen Problems

If you can't visually inspect your roof for dirt and grime, then you can't know if it really is in good shape. Having someone up there looking at the roof while they clean it may help you spot anything that needs fixing. For example, if you have a couple of loose roof tiles or a loose gutter, then you can have these repaired once the roof has been washed.  

Make Your Buyers Happy

Buyers will be pleased to hear that you've had your roof cleaned. Plus, if you can tell buyers that a roofer has been up there and didn't find any problems with the roof, then that makes your home look like a more attractive prospect. If you did find a couple of problems and fixed them, then buyers will be happy to know that as well.

Also, you can have your gutters cleaned out during the pressure wash. Prospective buyers will then know that they don't need to do any immediate work on the roof or gutters when they move in.

While you can use a pressure washer to clean your own roof, you may not feel comfortable getting up on your roof to do this job. This is best left to professional roofers who know what they are doing so contact local companies to get some quotes. Seek out roof restoration hire to get the job done safely.