What Homeowners Need to Know About Gable Roofs

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If you are planning to build a home from the ground up, your roof will be one of the largest and most visible parts of your new home's exterior. Therefore, it is very important that you carefully think through how your roof structure should look like because it will influence your home's outdoor appearance, regardless of whether you like it or not. 

There are several roof designs available for you to choose from, but ultimately you will have to settle on one. If you are perhaps musing on the idea of installing a gable roof, you will first need to find out its advantages as well as its limitations. Here is sneak peek at what you need to know. 

On the Upside

You will need a roof that can hold out against the harsh elements outside. Gable roofs offer excellent drainage, thanks to their high pitch/steep slope. Rain, snow or ice quickly run off the surface of the roof, thus reducing the risk of moisture- or water-induced roof damage. This makes gable roofs a perfect choice for homes located in areas that receive plenty of rain, snow or ice for the most part of the year.

Building a gable roof is rather cost-effective. Its installation is much simpler and cheaper than most other types of roof designs such as hip roofs, meaning a gable roof is an ideal option for those working on a budget. 

Also, most people simply love the upturned-V appearance of a gable roof. But this look can further be enhanced. While the single slope on the two sides of the roof will give the exteriors of the home a modest look, the interiors offer plenty of room for a limitless range of aesthetic possibilities. For example, interior lighting can be installed to dangle from high up in the sloping ceiling to give a cathedral-like look inside the home. 

On the Downside

Any good roofing system should have good attic ventilation. A major drawback of gable roofs is that the gable vents can circulate only a meagre percentage of air through the attic, meaning roof installers must make sure they incorporate so many vents into the attic to make sure ventilation is good. 

Modern gable roofs are improved versions of traditional gables. Hence, you should consult your builder or roofer about your specific requirements, so they can come up with a gable roof that exactly matches your needs.